We are focused on mobilizing and training our children in a Godly way to become disciples of impeccable character. Our children’s church instill the word of God in a fun and loving environment, using song and games to educate our children about the power of the Lord in our lives.
“Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power”.
Psalm 145:4

The Children Church comprises of children from the age of 1 to 12 years old and it is divided into three age groups: Toddlers (1-3), Kindergartener (4-6) and the Elementary (7-12). The Children’s’ church has dedicated teachers and tutors who are ready to help the children to be morally mannered and be intelligent, through the knowledge of the word of God.

Basic things we want the children to learn:
1. About God

  • God is the Creator of everything
  • God is our heavenly Father
  • What God is like?
  • How God talks to us?
  • How we can serve God?

2. About Jesus

  • Jesus is the Son of God
  • Jesus is the Son of man (The history of Jesus’ life from the birth to the ascends to Heaven)
  • What Jesus is like?
  • What did Jesus teach?

3. About Holy Spirit

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • What Holy Spirit does?

4. About sin

  • Origin of sin
  • What is sin?
  • Consequences of sin
  • Temptation and sin

5. About salvation

  • What is salvation
  • How to get saved/born again
  • How to grow in the Lord

6. About Heaven and damnation

  • What kind of place the Heaven is?
  • How to get to the Heaven?
  • Two final places: Heaven and damnation

7. About church

  • Beginning of church
  • Unity of church
  • Members of church
  • How to become church member?