Men’s Fellowship (The Men Of honor) is an initiative of God’s chosen men, purposed driven to magnify God’s compelling vision within Malaysia and all over the world. Their primary objective is to be a support system, a think tank, visionaries and dynamic facilitators for the church, holding the highest integrity and God’s glory among men. The Men’s Fellowship is committed to being the soldier of Christ, husbands, dads to the family of God.

The aim of the Men’s Fellowship is to assist the church to achieve its vision and create a platform for addressing men’s issues in the church: We seek to raise men of impeccable character at home, place of work and in the community at large.

We do this by helping members in area of job links, organising events, discussing family and marital issues, counselling, praying for members and people in authorityand charitable works. Membership includes all married and unmarried men in the church.

The Men’s fellowship provides a forum for members to examine a huge range of issues that cannot be discussed during the church services for obvious reasons.   We organise a calendar of activities throughout the year, such as Father’s Day Celebration, Summer Time Out (Barbecues and Games), forging potential business relationships, career discussions and joint events with other groups such as our King’s Daughter and Youth Fellowship.