The Redeemed Bible College being the brain-child of the present General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye was founded by the authority of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in September, 1980. The Redeemed Christian Bible College is established to train and equip believers to spread the Word of God to the ends of the earth as we await the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This is a unique College that anyone who does not only wants to succeed in the ministry but wants to makes it to heaven where he/she will receive the reward of ministerial labour wants to attend. The RCBC is unique in many respects. Our prospective students need to know some things about the uniqueness in order to be well prepared for what God has in stock for them in RCBC training Programme.

The first area of uniqueness of RCBC is in her emphasis on the spiritual aspect of her training. The observation of many is that the RCBC’S emphasis is 60% spiritual and 40% academic. This does not mean the academic ingenuity expected of an institution of learning is pushed to the background in the RCBC. Rather, the fact is that the authority of the RCBC believes that ‘letter kills but the spirit gives life'(2Corinth.3:6)

Second, the RCBC is typical protestant church-based Bible college. This is evident in the Bible-Oriented doctrines the College teaches the students. Third, the College is not only evangelically Pentecostal in preaching and power, it is also ecumenical in her inter-missionary disposition to all the Christian families, the world over. RCBC- Malaysia Campus is one of the twenty Redeemed Christian Bible College existing world wide.


Contact details:
The Principal School of Disciples,
Christ Redeemer’s Ministries, Redemption Camp
P.M.B. 1088, Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel.: 08023421517, 08036228433, 08037202899